You can buy Shiitake mushrooms from us in two forms: freshly harvested and/or dried (dehydrated). We are located in Croatia, a place called Varazdin Breg.

1. Fresh Shiitake

We prefer to sell freshly harvested mushrooms by personal pickup (we can work out the exact place of delivery if you are near Varazdin). Optionally, we can also ship them in a package.

Since freshly harvested mushrooms are not always available, we receive pre-orders for purchase during the next harvest. Feel free to send us an email, call us, or send us a message, so we can write your contact info and give you a nudge as soon as we have fresh Shiitakes available!

Shiitake 250g
This is how 250g of Shiitake mushroom looks like. As they have mostly strong flavor, they do not need a large amount of food to prepare your favorite recipes.

The price of freshly picked Shiitake mushrooms is 5 EUR / 250g. You can choose any quantity.

Most of the Shiitake mushrooms available at shopping malls are grown on substrates of unknown composition and with visible excess of moisture for added weight. In quality, such fungi are inferior to those grown naturally on hornbeam, oak and beech wood logs.

Shiitake mushroom 1kg
This is how 1kg of Shiitake mushroom looks like. That’s a pretty big bunch! 🙂 Since they have no excess moisture, 1kg of our Shiitake mushrooms is simply a hella lot of mushrooms.

How to keep fresh mushrooms from spoiling?
In a home refrigerator, shiitake mushrooms can last for at least 2 weeks without losing any properties or structure. Maybe they can go on even longer.. but they never survive that much at our place 🙂

2. Dried (dehydrated) Shiitake

We can send dried mushrooms via postal service! While completely dehydrated and vacuumed, they are very convenient for transfer and storage.

We have dried Shiitake mushrooms in stock, and they are available for purchase year-round. The mushrooms are completely dried with warm air inside the closed chamber (at 50°C). They have almost no weight, but their taste is concentrated and intense. Dehydrated mushrooms don’t lose their medicinal and gourmet characteristics; the flavor of dehydrated mushrooms is often even more intense!
They can last for months in dehydrated form.

How to use dried mushrooms?
You only need to soak them in water for 10 minutes, after which you can prepare them as fresh!